1. What Guarantee is provided on Atcraft Products?
Life time Guarantee, We pride ourselves on getting things right. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them. If you’re not happy with Atcraft Products get in touch with us and we’ll either organize a replacement, provide you with a credit or give you your money back. It’s your choice.

2. Which metal is used in crafting the handles?
Pure Brass (Lead free Brass)

3. Why Atcraft handles are made from Pure Brass?
- Durability of Brass Metal is longer then other metals like Zinc Metal
- Brass is Always Rust Free compared to some grades of Steel Metal
- Brass Metal is soft in nature and can be crafted in various attractive shapes & curves easily.
- Brass metals can be coated with versatile finishes like Chrome Polish, Brass Antique, Copper Antique, Satin Lacquer and Satin Nickle.

4. Are Atcraft Products Easy to Install?
All Atcraft Products are Easy to Install, it comes with the setp by step illustrative manual

5. Where are the products manufactured?
All Atcraft products are manufactured in its own premises, its not traded or imported from the countries like China, Taiwan etc.

6. What are the Quality measures taken on Atcraft Products?
Being a brand of the reputed Nandan Brass Industries, Atcraft assures the same quality standards with products made from tested, excellent raw material with a team that strives for perfection. Our products are researched well by a team of experts and are finished with microns of the finest grades and at the end, tested and monitored by our inspection team to present you with nothing but the best. And still if you are not satisfied we offer Money Back Guarantee.

7. What if I want to become a dealer?
If you are interested in taking dealership, please contact-us and our representative will get back to you. they will offer you our Exclusive Product Catalog. You can also order samples of the Atcraft product which are chargeable.