About usKeeping up with the drift of modernism, Atcraft Innovations is proud to announce their most innovative collections yet, under the brand name, Atcraft.

The most magnificent, trendy, intricate, and cutting edge collection of architectural hardware fittings comes together at Atcraft. With unique and innovative designs of Rose handle lock sets, Pull handles, Main door handles and Furniture fittings, Atcraft comes as a unique addition to Atcraft Innovation’ basket of excellence with the same remarkable service and quality assurance.


Why ‘Atcraft’

There are several reasons why Atcraft is the brand preferred by interior designers and architects,
here’s to name a few:

  • Exclusive Designs
  • Allowing you to be the trendsetter with Atcraft’s latest styles
  • Versatile list of finishes to choose from
  • Available in Durable metals Brass and SS
  • For the first time in India, get to experience a unique, user friendly mechanism
  • All Atcraft products come with fine packaging that includes an instruction kit
  • A range that never goes out of style with constant additions and upgrades to match new trends
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • A range to suite every budget without compromising on quality and style


The Founder

Girdhar PatelMr. Girdhar Patel, the entrepreneur with a vision to set up a prominent name in the hardware industries has been the driving force behind the excellence of Atcraft Innovations. With a steady focus and eye for perfection, Mr. Girdhar Patel has taken the company to greater heights and continues to do so.

Mr. Girdhar Patel started off his career in 1994 as a micro Hardware manufacturer along with big dreams, which further helped him establish a wide, versatile range of hardware products. In 2008, he began an exclusive hardware showroom called the Atcraft Innovations, thus making him in the true sense, a successful entrepreneur.

You can connect with Girdhar on LinkedIn


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